241: Back in the loop
So nutshell story. My girlfriend of 5 year who was my first love and I spent roughly 23% of my life with decided it was time we part ways. I hold no malice, only grief. As such I took a few weeks off of Bob Comic. As you can see we are back. However I am dropping down to a monday friday schedule so the old wednesday update is going to be dropped for the moment. It may return but I have to see if I come up with as many comic ideas as I used too. I will gladly accept guest comics and ideas from fans to help keep things going. Bear with me for a while and all will be better. However for safety sake I have brought back the disclaimer at the bottom of the page.
Offers and availiability subject to change without notice. Bob Comic staff cannot be held responsible for any trauma induced by suffocationd due to holding your breath waiting. Studies have show that Bob is not reliable for scheduled updates. Bob will not be held responsible for any loss of revanue or sanity that occurs from improper comic delivery. Not availiable in all areas. Some restrictions apply see Bob for details.