271: Open Season
I'd like to thank Cartoons for this comic. You may have noticed I haven't posted in like two weeks. I have no excuses for it as its a matter of lazyness. however my living situation over the next few months may be... "tricky". Updates will be flakey but I am NOT giving up Bob Comic. I don't know how long Bob Comic will last, but I know its not done yet. It's of my opinion (and does any other really matter?) that Bob Comic is in its prime now. My "story" hasn't finished, I'm having a good time, and the show must go on.
Offers and availiability subject to change without notice. Bob Comic staff cannot be held responsible for any trauma induced by suffocationd due to holding your breath waiting. Studies have show that Bob is not reliable for scheduled updates. Bob will not be held responsible for any loss of revanue or sanity that occurs from improper comic delivery. Not availiable in all areas. Some restrictions apply see Bob for details.