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063 Work Ethic
I'm winning by the way.



I realized that I had yet to include any skin color other than white into my comics so far. I have fixed that and will try to keep that in mind in the future. Also for the sake of the mousover text and the image on the monitor I did some research on pong. To make sure I had the score on the player side and so I could draw the game correctly. This brought up a bunch of interesting information to light. since I have not had the privilage of playing pong before this may not be news to some of you. But for a game made in 1972 it was very intuitive. not only does the ball speed up as it hits the paddles, But the paddles are divided into 8 segments which change the balls angle of return. and lastly there was a defect in the game that the paddles could not hit the top of the screen and instead of fixing it they left it to make the game more challenging and so that maches could not last forever. enough banter though if you wanna read more from wikipedia the link is here.

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