Chapter 2
It's been a while hasn't it? I set this project aside many months ago. Much has changed in my life to cause this and I will go into greater deal on tuesday. Why on Tuesday you ask? Well clearly thats because on Tuesday Bob Comic is back. and will post a comic that will explain it. I am picking back up my digital pen as it were and bringing back something that should have never been lost. This isn't the biggest or greatest corner of the internet, but its MY corner. hundreds of people have gotten a laugh out of this and who am I to deny them that? So welcome back readers. Updates will be twice a week on tuesday and fridays. Tell yer friends, the more readers the more I enjoy doing this. As always guest comics are appreciated and it looks like I have a few to throw into the mix allready. Help keep your favorite comic on the internet! Send ideas to
Offers and availiability subject to change without notice. Bob Comic staff cannot be held responsible for any trauma induced by suffocationd due to holding your breath waiting. Studies have show that Bob is not reliable for scheduled updates. Bob will not be held responsible for any loss of revanue or sanity that occurs from improper comic delivery. Not availiable in all areas. Some restrictions apply see Bob for details.