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This is Bob. If you don't know who this is you haven't read very many strips. Bob is awesome (I may be a little biased). He works at a computer repair center (commonly refered to as "the shop") with his father, Doc. Bob wants to grow up to be a ninja and takes every opportunity he can to do something stupid. Hobbies include World of Warcraft, Nunchuku, and being harassed by customers.
Doc - Doc is the common sense of this little world. He is powered by prodigious amounts of coffee. He is also the founder of the shops crockpot, Which is a tale to be told in and of itself. Doc is adventerous and always likes to try new things regardless of safety or warnings.
crockpot- The crockpot is a thing of great mystery. It is to be feared and yet held with reverence simultaneously. What began as a simple food source for the shop became a being of its own accord. While many of its exploits are exaggerated they are all based off of its terrifying reality...
Also it is delicious
Pooky - The guardian of the shop and all its inhabitants. His true origin is unknown but he has adapted to life at the shop well. Hobbies include chasing loose screws, attacking customers, chewing on cables, and sleeping on monitors.
Dev - Ever vigilant Dev will go to the ends of the earth to keep the shop in order. She has a gift for solving problems with unconventional means. Few understand her ways and most of us just nod our heads and agree with her ( I suggest you do the same)