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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What program do you use to draw your comics?
A: All the artwork advertisements and logos in Bob Comic are done in Microsoft Paint

Q: Are the events of Bob Comic based off of real life?
A: Most of it has some kind of basis in reality and the rest is what I WISH was reality

Q: Are BobComic Characters based off of real life people?
A: Everyone that is not a customer in Bob Comic is based off of someone I know personally but may not accurately portray that person

Q: Will you put me in a comic strip?
A: No

Q: If I bribe you?
A: make me an offer

Q: How can I contact you?
A: try the contact page

Q: Will you post a guest comic that I draw?
A: send me an E-mail at with your idea and if I like it I will send you the templates and other information.

Q: Who creates and maintains your site?
A: is a subsidiary of and its a likely possibility that both are moderated by Bob

Q: Is pooky real?
A: Sadly Pooky has yet to become a reality but in our hearts and minds he will continue to live on.

Q: What is the capital of Turkey?
A: Ankara

Q: Can I be your friend on facebook?
A: Yes

Q: Will you advertise my website?
A: Advertisement space is availiable and can be worked out via E-mail. However if you want me to just randomly blurb in a post about how www.ireallyhopesomeonedoesn' is awesome you should try holding your breath and see how that goes.

Q: Why does Bob not have glasses in the first few strips?
A: Cause my drawing got better?

Q: Where is Bob headquarters?
A: Currently? On a 2Gb flash drive. However Offices are in the works

Q: Will you marry me?
A: No but feel free to send pictures to

Q: Do you read any other webcomics?
A: yes I do, you can see the list here

Q: Why does your contacts page not list a phone number?
A: Oops I must have missed that. it is (313) 915-9016

Q: Can I post your stuff elsewhere?
A: Yes just give credit to its source please or else I may have to rain stick figury doom down upon you.

Q: How did you come up with such a unique name for your comic?
A: Many hours of trial and tribulation

*Offers and availiability subject to change without notice. Bob Comic staff cannot be held responsible for any trauma induced by suffocationd due to holding your breath waiting. Studies have show that Bob is not reliable for scheduled updates. Bob will not be held responsible for any loss of revanue or sanity that occurs from improper comic delivery. Not availiable in all areas. Some restrictions apply see Bob for details.